VINTAGE 1976 Fender Precision Bass, Sunburst

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The benchmark standard!

For your consideration, we have a really cool 1976 Fender USA Precision Bass in three-tone sunburst with the increasingly sought after A-profile neck like a jazz bass. The instrument appears to be all original and is in really good shape for being almost 50 years old.  The "red lines" in the top appear to be an attempt to cover over some scratches from long ago. This will not "come off" and is part of the character of this sweet bass.

Weighing in at 9 pounds 5 ounces, the bass is about average for this year model. The original thumb rest is missing but genuine Fender replacements (if you even plan to use one) are under $5. The neck is the all-maple pattern re-introduced in 1969 with the "skunk stripe" on the back and the slimmest 70's era 1.5" nut width.  This means you get P bass tone with the fast playability of a jazz bass neck --- a great combo, and especially attractive for those who weren't blessed with big hands.

This is a vintage bass that's in very good condition overall, with moderate wear but no alterations. The moderate fret wear is mostly in the first position, and with lacquer still covering the ends of the frets there is no indication that it's been refretted.  The only missing parts are the center chrome pickup cover, although the screws for it are still present - a center post screw and washer on one of the tuning machines - and the thumb rest mentioned previously. The finish has some scuffs and dings, indicating it has seen some solid hours on stage, but it has not been abused. The three-tone sunburst finish still looks great and hasn't faded. The main cosmetic issues are:

1. The missing tip of the pickguard near the jack. It didn't seem necessary to replace the pickguard for such a minor issue.

2.  The thumb wear in the top (this is why lots of people took the thumb rests off, they weren't in a great position for many players who prefer to stay over the pickups or even further back).

3. The two long scratches in the top appear to have had an attempt to cover them at some point, but whatever was used looks like mercurochrome.  Interestingly it's almost identical to the neighboring red sunburst layer.

4.  The missing chrome pickup cover.


This bass did not come in with a case.

Please reach out with any questions or requests for additional pictures.  We're here to help match you with your ideal vintage Fender!

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