USED MINT Mendini Student Trumpet Outfit

by Mendini
Sold out
$ 146.00

Really, it's in mint condition - doesn't look like it was played more than three times.  Still, this is sanitized and fully inspected before being put out for sale at a great price.  Take advantage of our Dirt Cheep Used Gear!

Designed for beginners and students of all ages, this standard-sized trumpet is comfortable to play and use. Users can quickly familiarize themselves with the copper mouth pipe and mother-of-pearl inlaid keys. The trumpet is a unique instrument, as most of the technical work does not come from the finger movement on the keys, but one’s breathing technique on the mouthpiece! This outfit comes with a carrying case for easy transport from the classroom and back.

Package includes: 7C mouthpiece and a deluxe plush-lined, nylon-covered lightweight hard case.

Key: Bb (B Flat)

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