USED Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone Outfit (S/N 035807A)

by Yamaha
Sold out
$ 696.00

An industry standard!  This instrument has been fully serviced and santized and is ready to play.

Built with a clear-baked epoxy lacquer, nickel-plated keys, and all yellow brass neck, body, and bell, the Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone is a formidable entry in the world of entry-level woodwind instruments. Built with a host of features associated with more expensive models like leather pads with wool felt and Front F auxiliary keys, the YAS-23 is as comfortable on a marching band practice field as it is in a jazz club. The predecessor to Yamaha's current student model, this sax's place as a discontinued instrument makes it much more affordable and a great choice for starter musicians.

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