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USED ART HeadAmp6Pro 6-channel Headphone Amplifier

by ART
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The HeadAmp6PRO from ART Pro Audio is a 6-channel stereo headphone amplifier designed for installed applications. The amp includes front and rear output jacks via 1/4" TRS connectors for flexible connectivity. Input is via XLR and 1/4" TRS jacks, with matching Thru jacks for bridging multiple amps. A front-panel 1/4" jack allows quick patch override of the rear inputs.

The amp also include a 6-channel Aux input section, which can be used to provide the often-requested "more me" function on a headphone mix. Each output channel features individual bass and treble controls, as well as a dual-function balance control, which can pan between the left and right sides of the main signal, or vary the mix between the main and Aux inputs for that channel.

Front-panel Mono select buttons on each channel allow you to switch between 4 different operating modes; Stereo, Mono Left, Mono Right, and Mono Both for versatile monitoring options. An 8-segment LED level meter provides visual feedback of the signal level on all channels and the main signal bus.

Professional rack-mount 6-channel stereo headphone amplifierStereo XLR and 1/4" TRS inputsThru jacks for bridging additional amplifiersAux input sectionFront and rear panel 1/4" main outputs can be used simultaneouslyFront-panel 1/4" Aux input for quick input overrideIndividual tone, mix, and balance controls for each channelChoose from 4 operating modes; Stereo, Mono Left, Mono Right, or Mono BothLED 8-segment level meter