Klark Teknik DS50 Passive 1-In / 5-Out Signal Splitter with Extended Dynamic Range

by Klark Teknik
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Building on Klark Teknik’s storied legacy of highest-quality signal processing devices, the DS 50 PRO SPLITTER 5 offers the same high headroom, dynamic response and sonic clarity you have come to expect. Klark Teknik DS 50 is ideal for routing balanced XLR signals to as many as 5 discrete destinations, including FOH and monitor consoles, active monitor loudspeakers, broadcast mixers, and more. A passive device, the DS 50 does not require any form of external power, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of professional audio and multimedia applications.


A custom instrumentation-grade input circuit was designed for the DS 50 using advanced analogue design techniques to create the ideal input impedance match. This innovative approach provides an ultra low noise and ultra-linear system with a 
ruler-flat frequency response that ranges from 20 Hz to 22 kHz (±0.05 dB).


All of the Input and Output connections on the DS 50 feature genuine high quality Neutrik XLR jacks for the ultimate in signal integrity.


The ultra-compact DS 50 is built to handle the rigors of life on the road via a thick and rugged aluminum extrusion that protects the electronics. The enclosure’s roadworthiness is further enhanced through the implementation of sturdy rubber corner bumpers.


The DS 50 Pro Splitter allows you to send identical copies of balanced input signals to up to 5 discrete destinations thanks to its incredible frequency response of 20 Hz to 22 kHz (± 0.05 dB) and highly intuitive design – all in a road-ready enclosure that stands ready for your input.


  • Line level splitter sends single input signal to 5 outputs
  • High headroom design offers superior sound quality
  • Passive design does not require any power supply
  • High quality Neutrik XLR connectors
  • Ultra-low noise and ultra-linear system for highest signal integrity
  • Aluminum extrusion casing with protective rubber corners
  • Compact and rugged design

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