Blackstar ID:CORE 10 V2 Sugar Skull 2x3" 2x5-watt Stereo Combo Amp with FX

by Blackstar
$ 129.99

Following on from the success of the ID:CORE 10 V2 Sugar Skull we are pleased to announce the new ID:CORE 10 V2 Sugar Skull 2, with vibrant day of the dead grille and panel design.

This stunning ID:CORE 10 V2 Sugar Skull 2 will be in your warehouse in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations. Sugar skull designs have become universal in modern culture and can be found everywhere, from tattoos and album covers, to street art and contemporary design. Inspired by the Calavera used in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) and the Roman Catholic holiday All Souls’ Day, artists take common elements and use those to create their own distinctive designs.

Blackstar’s new special edition ID:CORE 10 V2 Sugar Skull 2 features a unique Sugar Skull design to create an amp that looks as cool as it sounds!


  • 6 Enhanced Blackstar voices
  • Patented ISF control takes you from British to American sounds
  • 13 vintage style effects in massive SUPER WIDE STEREO
  • New Envelope effect
  • Store up to 6 ID CORE sounds internally or more via INSIDER software
  • INSIDER software for deep editing and sharing your sounds with the Blackstar Online Community
  • USB audio for pro recording capability
  • Stereo MP3/Line In for great sounding jamming or listening to music
  • Speaker Emulated Line Out for silent practice or recording
  • Stereo speaker configuration – 2x3" speakers producing true stereo Blackstar tones
  • Mains powered via a separate PSU (included with product)
  • Vibrant Sugar Skull design

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