Steinberg elicenser Key - USB Software License Control Device - Mac and Windows

by Steinberg
Sold out
$ 27.99

This item ships direct from Steinberg and is typically not in stock at the Smyrna store.  Delivery is typically 4-5 business days.

The Steinberg Key is a copy protection unit (dongle) which is needed to use Steinberg's software range. With Cubase SX/SL/SE, Nuendo and WaveLab the Steinberg Key is already included in the product package.

The Steinberg Key is also required to run Steinberg VST instruments, but is not included in the product boxes and must be purchased separately if no Steinberg Key is already present on the system.

One copy protection device for all Steinberg licensesProvides access to complete set of full, unrestricted trial versionsIncludes detailed information to the complete Steinberg product range

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