USED Strauss Alto Saxophone Outfit

by Strauss Musical Instruments
Sold out
$ 356.00

Why this is a great opportunity: 

  • Our high-quality Strauss Alto Saxophone outfit costs less than renting
  • You can bundle ProCare with your instrument to make this our Best Deal:  any and all maintenance and cleaning is included at no charge, plus complete accident protection - including full replacement 
  • We take trade-ins if your student continues and buy back if they don't.

What you get with this purchase:

  • Our best-selling Strauss Alto Saxophone Outfit, fully inspected and ready to play
  • A sturdy hardshell case (style varies)
  • A student-grade mouthpiece, ligature, and cap

Package with ProCare and receive:

  • Complete maintenance coverage that includes any repairs, adjustments, and cleaning at no additional cost.  A typical shop visit for a saxophone averages $65 without ProCare.
  • Complete accident protection, even if it's your fault.  We will repair, replace, or refund full credit (including sales tax) so that you can choose something else.  You are 100% covered.
  • A Guaranteed Trade-In good for the duration of the plan, so you can upgrade or switch instruments at any time


    How is our high-quality Strauss saxophone different from other import brands? 

    • The durability of the keywork offers more playing time and less frequent adjustments
    • Partial-ribbed construction gives the horn more resonance and quality of tone. Most saxophones in this price range have post-to-body construction, which is cheaper to make but doesn’t sound as good
    • Metal resonators on the pads make the horn sound balanced and true, not lifeless as plastic resonators can sound

    Our entry-level offering from Strauss, this alto sax features a gold lacquer body with high F#, rocking table keys, and articulated C#. This horn is an ideal choice for the beginning student wanting a quality horn at an affordable price because, through our testing, we found it to play accurately in tune and be ergonomic for beginner's hands.

    A great sound at a great value, the Strauss is a free-blowing horn with a good scale that teachers will a price that parents can afford!  Don’t rent when you buy with confidence for less.  Music Educator approved with a mouthpiece, ligature, and cap included!


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