VINTAGE 1925 Buescher True Tone Alto Saxophone

by Buescher
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When you think of classic American saxophones, Buescher is a name you can't forget! The Buescher band instrument company was a part of what was known as, "The Big Four" of American saxophone makers. Starting in the late 1890s, Buescher was the favorite saxophone for many professionals including the famed classical saxophonist Sigurd Rascher as well as Johnny Hodges of the Duke Ellington band. The True Tone was Buescher's signature horn of the 1920s. Characterized by a dark, warm tone, this horn really sings. The plating and engraving on the bell give this horn appeal and are in good condition, though it is possible that this is a very old relacquer.

The intonation is good for a horn that is almost 100 years old. A large chamber mouthpiece or vintage mouthpiece from that era would serve the player well with this horn.  This alto would be a great choice for a classical player.

All of our used woodwind instruments are fully certified and inspected by our master technician Mr. Bryan Lopes, who plays professionally on stage and in the studio around the nation. With 30+ years of experience in brass and woodwind repair, we fully guarantee that any used instrument you purchase from us is clean, sanitized, fully adjusted, and ready to play.


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