USED Behringer T1954 Tube Ultrafex Sound Processor

by Behringer
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$ 176.00

Offers multi-band enhancement for low and high frequency processing. Surround processor for creating real spatial enhancement. Also features Ultra Tube circuitry for added warmth without distortion and warmth control for generating tube sound independently.

The Ultrafex is one of the best-selling psycho-acoustic processors worldwide and is found in numerous outboard racks of renowned studios and touring companies. With good reason: Behringer has been developing and producing this type of processor for over 10 years, achieving pioneer status along the way. The Tube Ultrafex impressively combines their entire development experience with the sound enhancement characteristics of tubes.

A new "Tube interpretation" of Behringer's most popular multi-band sound enhancement processor

Enhances high and low frequencies independently to add transparency, presence, and intelligibility without adding noise

Surround processor makes a dramatic difference in the width and intensity of your spatial stereo image

Produce a more powerful, fuller bass, increases the "subjective" volume level, and reduces listening fatigue

"Natural Sonic" processor continuously optimizes the ratio of Enhancement to Exciting the signal, maximizing the Tube Ultrafex's impact on your music

Sliding-filter, single-ended Noise Reduction system removes audible hiss generated by the exciter/enhancer side-chain while leaving your original signal untouched

Independent Bass Processor provides low frequency enhancement with variable processing and a switchable 50/100 Hz corner frequency

Unique Solo function lets you isolate the processed signal and patch the unit into any mixer's Aux Send & Return circuit, allowing individual channel control of enhancement process

Servo-balanced XLR and TRS inputs and outputs on gold-plated connectors. patent pending "Ultra-Tube" circuitry for more warmth without distortion, which is controlled by an independent "Warmth" control

Special LC coil/cap filter also adds to the authentically vintage sound of this unit

Efficient SOVTEK tubes, gigantic backlit analog VU meters and a cool "Retro" design with polished chrome front panel and vintage style knobs

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