USED Furman M-8x AR Power Conditioner

by Furman
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$ 346.00

From Furman, the M-8x AR Voltage Regulator protects sensitive electronic equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities. Issues such as brownouts, sags, and over-voltage conditions can cause audio tonal changes, digital equipment malfunctions (such as loss of MIDI programs or other data), or in extreme cases, permanent damage. M-8X-AR features advanced technologies to keep your system safe including voltage regulation, RFI/EMI interference, extreme voltage protection, extreme current protection, and more.


  • Provides nine regulated, conditioned AC outlets-eight on the rear panel and one on the front
  • Input capacity is 15 A; output capacity is 12 to 15 A
  • Extreme Votage Shutdown (EVS) and under-voltage (delayed) shutdown, safeguard connected equipment
  • Extreme over-current shutdown (ECS) protects regulator and connected equipment
  • Eight element, Bi-color bar graph meter to indicate input line voltage
  • User-accessible thermal circuit breaker protects against overload
  • Low noise toroidal auto-transformer with very low stray magnetic field leakage
  • Front Panel ON/OFF switch and LED indicator lights
  • Compact, lightweight unit weighs only 15.75 lbs.

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