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USED Presonus Eureka Channel Strip

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This item is Used with normal surface wear from honest use but is 100% tested and fully functional.

PreSonus Eureka Preamp Features:

  • Award-winning Class A transformer-coupled mic preamp
  • Variable impedance -- especially useful for ribbon microphones
  • Saturation knob for tube saturation emulation
  • 48V Phantom power
  • 80Hz rumble filter
  • -20dB pad
  • phase inversion button

PreSonus Eureka Compressor Features:

  • Full featured compressor: variable threshold, attack, release, ratio, gain makeup
  • Hi pass filter on the sidechain -- allows for de-essing and other frequency specific compression applications
  • Soft knee compression mode

PreSonus Eureka Equalizer Features:

  • Fully parametric three band equalizer with overlapping bands
  • Switchable staging for the EQ and compressor -- place the compressor before the EQ or vice-versa