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CLEARANCE Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone, Discontinued Packaging

by Shure
Original price $ 335.99 - Original price $ 335.99
Original price $ 335.99
$ 335.99
$ 335.99 - $ 335.99
Current price $ 335.99

We have a limited quantity of the legendary SM7B's discounted because Shure has redesigned the box.  This is a clearance item, but comes complete with a one year warranty from Dirt Cheep!  Some boxes are sealed while others are open - packaging may be distrupted, but all microphones are brand new (these are not returns).

The Shure SM7B is a vocal microphone with a smooth, flat, and wide-range frequency response appropriate for music and speech in professional audio applications. The mic's specially engineered dynamic capsule provides a smooth, polished vocal sound with a rich response in the lower frequency registers, making the mic a favorite choice among broadcasters and podcasters.

It features a cardioid polar pattern, bass roll-off and midrange emphasis (presence boost) controls, and shielding against broadband interference. An internal air suspension shock isolation helps to eliminate mechanical noise transmission, and a yoke mount facilitates mounting and provides precise control of the mic position.

Experience the pinnacle of audio excellence with the SM7B Microphone. Meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance, this microphone is a game-changer for vocalists, podcasters, and broadcasters alike. Let its impressive features and unparalleled sound quality elevate your recordings to new heights.

Unleash the Full Spectrum: Flat, Wide-Range Frequency Response

The SM7B Microphone boasts a flat-frequency response, finely tuned to enhance the midrange and high frequencies that bring the human voice to life. Immerse yourself in a world of crisp, detailed vocals that effortlessly cut through the mix. Whether you're a singer or a narrator, this microphone ensures that every nuance and subtlety of your voice shines through.

Say Goodbye to Interference: Rejection of Electromagnetic Hum

Experience uninterrupted recording sessions with the SM7B Microphone's advanced rejection of electromagnetic hum. Specially optimized to shield against the broadband interference emitted by computer monitors, this microphone keeps unwanted noise at bay. Focus on your performance without worrying about disruptive hum, and enjoy crystal-clear audio that stands out from the crowd.

Silence Mechanical Noise: Air Suspension Shock Isolation

Thanks to its cutting-edge internal air-suspension shock isolation system, the SM7B Microphone virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission. Every word you speak and every note you sing will be free from distracting vibrations. Immerse yourself in pure, pristine sound, ensuring that your recordings are nothing short of professional-grade.

Seamless Vocals: Pop Filter Included

With the SM7B Microphone, achieving flawless vocal recordings is effortless. Its detachable close-talk windscreen acts as a built-in pop filter, eliminating the need for additional protection against explosive breath sounds. Even for close-up vocals or narration, you can capture every word with absolute clarity, without compromising on the overall sound quality.

Perfect Audio Capture: Cardioid Polar Pattern

The SM7B Microphone features a classic cardioid pick-up pattern, meticulously designed to reject off-axis audio. Speak or sing comfortably at any angle, knowing that the microphone will capture your sound with minimal coloration. By isolating the signal source, it helps reduce feedback issues, ensuring a seamless and professional recording experience.