USED RME Fireface-800 56-Channel, 24-Bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Interface

by RME
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Super clean and fullly tested, this used RME Fireface 800 FireWire Interface comes complete with the power cable and a firewire 800 cable so it's ready to pair with your favorite DAW right away.  Take note:  this interface will work with Windows 10, but requires legacy drivers and specific firewire PCIe cards to function well.  If you are running a new machine please do your reading to make sure this is what will work for your rig.

The Fireface 800 from RME is a multi-channel FireWire audio interface for use both the Mac and Windows. Up to sixteen analog sources can be connected at one time, which include four microphone preamps with phantom power available. Dual ADAT ports add further connectivity by inputting or outputting up to sixteen digital channels from the correct digital sources. The latest "plug and play" technology guarantees a simple installation, even for the inexperienced user.

A front-sided headphone output delivers a high volume, adequate enough for low-impedance headphones, and represents the playback channels 9/10. The headphone output can be used directly with ASIO Direct Monitoring. The Fireface 800 also provides a Hi-Z instrument input for the use of guitar and bass. A soft limiter, a drive circuit and a speaker emulation filter can be used to further enhance the sound of these instruments.

All Inputs and Outputs Available Simultaneously

The instrument input on the front panel can be used either instead of the line input on the back, or together with it. Even the 1/4" TRS jack and the XLR input of the microphone preamp can be used simultaneously. In this way, up to 35 signal sources can be connected to the unit and recorded onto 28 separate tracks.

Highly Flexible Internal Routing

The included DSP-based mixer allows all inputs and outputs to be freely mixed, distributed and routed. Up to 14 completely independent stereo sub-mixes are possible. Every single sub-mix channel can be recorded directly, without the need of external cable loops.

Multiple Functions

Internal flash memory provides for all settings (including the mixer,) to be recalled during boot-up. After making any desired settings, the device can also function stand-alone, without needing the computer. In this mode, uses for the unit include a sub-mixer, A/D and D/A-converter, headphone mixer, format converter, instrument or microphone preamplifier or monitoring mixer.

Accurate Sync Reference

The Fireface 800 is equipped with SteadyClock, the company's sync and clock technology that allows the unit to function as a sync reference for a whole studio. SteadyClock refreshes clock signals, removes jitter and provides optimal conversion quality, irrespective of the quality of the reference clock.

Optimized FireWire Functionality

The Fireface 800 uses RME's own FireWire technology, heavily optimized for audio purposes. Lowest overhead, special hardware adaptations and a new low latency buffer concept enable latency change on the fly, latencies down to one millisecond and immediate reaction on changes of sample rate. Further enhancements and optimizations are easily added by performing a flash update. The interface has a second FireWire 800 port for hub functionality, bi-lingual mode for full FireWire 400 compatibility over the 800 ports, and an additional FireWire 400 port. Several units can be used in parallel and or in series on a single FireWire port.

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