USED Crate Acoustic 60 Guitar Amplifier

by Crate
Sold out
$ 146.00

used but fully functional and ready for your next gig.

Designed to provide studio quality sound from any instrument, each Crate Acoustic amp adds clarity, power, and intuitive controls, while maintaining natural acoustic tone. The CA60 features 2 x 30 watts RMS, twin Crate 6.5 in. high fidelity speakers, and a Crate special design tweeter. Two channels with 1/4 in. and XLR input allow for instrument, vocal, or an aux. input of your choice, like CD player or another instrument. Crate's patented feedback elimination circuit helps players "notch out" unwanted tonal anomalies which tend to create feedback in a live situation. The CA60 also includes slant front cabinet, 3 band EQ, chorus with control, and effects send.

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