USED Modal Electronics COBALT5S 5-voice Extended Virtual Analog Synthesizer

by Modal Electronics
$ 326.00

Go beyond analog synth technology with the Modal Electronics COBALT5S, a powerful 5-voice hardware synth with 37 compact-sized keys. This synth gives you access to vintage-style analog-inspired tone, combined with a host of flexible options in an ultraportable go-anywhere footprint. Use it for sound design and tone-generation in the studio, and bring it with you to gigs for an awesome sound onstage.

With 40 high-resolution oscillators (8 per voice), the synth offers 40 algorithms built right in, so you can construct intricate tones without the need of a computer. A comprehensive and fully routable modulation matrix with LFOs and multiple envelope controls let you shape the sound in esoteric ways. Mangle things further with the step sequencer and built-in arpeggiator. Route sound however you wish with a bevy of I/O options. Want to engage aftertouch or utilize an MPE controller? The COBALT5S has you covered. The COBALT5S ships with an included 9 VDC power supply.

Create without LimitationsFeaturing five true polyphonic voices, two independent algorithm groups, and up to 8 oscillators per voice, musicians, sound designers, and producers are armed with a nefarious palette of sound that's primed for any application imaginable. Fuse this with 40 complex algorithms including Sync, Ring Modulation, Waveform Morphing, plus many more, and it's easy to see why COBALT5S empowers creators with liberated sound-sculpting capability without limitations.Ear CandyFeaturing the same self-oscillating 4-Pole Morphable Ladder Filter from the COBALT8, COBALT5S guarantees that you can texture your sound with all the bite and warmth your performance demands. Four separate filter modes fuse with mainstay controls for cutoff and resonance, alongside a Morph parameter to musically manipulate the frequency response of the filter for a truly immersive experience. From the sublime to the experimental and everywhere in between, crafting the perfect timbre is limited only by your imagination.Sound Shaping, SimplifiedEverything you demand to craft the perfect sound in meticulous detail is right at your fingertips with COBALT5S. Three envelopes complete with selectable types take command of the filter, amp, or modulation destinations, empowering you with unrestricted options when it comes to fine-tuning your sound. One Polyphonic LFO and one Global LFO provide extended power to control a plethora of modulation sources, selected via a sophisticated 8-slot modulation matrix. Whether it's an otherworldly evolving soundscape, rhythmic pads, or a searing lead, realizing your creative vision has never been this easy.Your Performance SuperchargedGet wild with the integrated 512-note real-time step-sequencer, complete with 4 animation lanes. Fuse this with a built-in programmable 32-step advanced arpeggiator and you start to scratch the surface of the performance capability COBALT5S heralds for the modern creator. Top this off with MPE support for next generation creative expression via a compatible MPE controller, and COBALT5S is primed for any performance, production or sound design scenario imaginable.Made to MoveWhen we say this is beyond analog anywhere, we mean it. Taking the legendary build quality synonymous with Modal Electronics' synthesizer roster and outfitting this with a 37-note compact keybed with aftertouch, COBALT5S is primed for your creative exploits wherever and wherever creativity strikes. Plus, with a USB powered specification, powering the COBALT5S from your Mac/PC or portable power brick couldn't be any simpler.Control, EvolvedTake complete command and craft your signature sound with ease courtesy of 16 switched encoders. For complete expressive capability, COBALT5S' X/Y/Z touchpad provides ultimate 5-axis control over pitch bend, mod wheel and/or any user-selected modulation assignment. Two independent stereo effect engines, including delay and chorus, inject depth and character into your patches, allowing you to create polished synth textures. Rounding-out this tactile, performance-centric control assortment is a radiant monochrome OLED display that relays all key information you demand in razor sharp resolutionHook-Up FlexibilityIntegrating COBALT5S into your existing setup couldn't be simpler. Connect to PA systems, stage boxes, mixing desks, and more with dual 1/4" line out jacks; practice in private thanks to a 1/4" stereo headphone output; add some genuine piano-style sustain to your performance with a 1/4" sustain pedal input; connect to all your MIDI peripherals thanks to full-size MIDI ins and outs, as well as MIDI over USB capability. And keep everything on point with COBALT5S' Clock sync In and Out. Whatever your next performance demands, COBALT5S guarantees to assimilate in your setup.

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