USED TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate

by TC Electronic
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$ 65.00

Whether you are running a high gain rig, or need to treat some other pesky gremlin introducing noise to your rig, a noise gate can be the final post at the door after you’ve secured all other entry points. Striking that balance between lowering your noise floor while retaining playing dynamics can be a challenge. I found the TC Electronic Sentry provided me with the best ability to walk that tight rope.

Because everyone’s rig is unique, it’s always nice when a pedal gives you several different ways to achieve your end goal. Especially important with something like a noise gate. For example, let’s say you are trying to quiet a dirt box, the Sentry gives you three different ways to trigger the gate just from how you use the input/output jacks. You can run the Sentry in series after your overdrive/distortion pedal using input/output jacks. Or, you can put the distortion pedal in the Sentry’s Send/Return loop and plug the guitar into the Sentry’s input jack so that the clean signal trigger’s the gate. Third option is to trigger the gate from an external source like an audio signal from a kick drum.

The options don’t end there though. The 3-way selector switch on the face of the pedal lets you choose between Gate, TonePrint, and Hiss settings. The Gate mode gets you the fundamental single band noise gate operation. Additionally, as with most TC Electronic products, TonePrint allows you to experiment with premade settings that can be uploaded to the pedal. The included USB enables TonePrint uploads as well as any firmware updates if necessary. Finally, the Hiss setting is a multiband gate that goes after high, mid, and low frequencies independently to stamp out hiss as the name suggests.

The Sentry is a very well thought out noise gate. You get a number of options to arrive at a solution relevant to your situation, and its all done in a simple package that’s easy to use.

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