The Virus War: Dirt Cheep Guidelines

We are full service Monday - Saturday 11am-6pm, and Sunday 12-5pm.  Masks are required per the Smyrna mandate effective 8/21/20.

Combining the advice of health professionals and common sense to protect the health and safety of our community and Crew, here's the rundown:

  1. Some of you may be unhappy we require you to wear a mask in the store.  While we understand that few things are certain, in the chance that wearing masks indoors prevents someone from getting sick, we're doing it.  If you don't want to wear one just order online for quick delivery of most products. :)
  2. If you prefer to order online and pick up at the store, we offer courtesy curb-side pickup to reduce the number of persons entering the building. Please have your ID ready and remain in your vehicle.  Call us at 770-433-0196 when you are outside.
  3. Again, we require that all customers wear a mask when entering the store until further notice.
  4. Please sanitize your hands before and after handling our products.
  5. When paying at the counter, please pay with a contactless payment like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.  
  6. We prefer not to accept cash.  If you use our PIN entry terminals you do so knowing that we provide them because our merchant agreement says we must, not because we want you using them (though we sanitize these regularly through the day, along with all common surfaces).
  7. Please do not bring a group of people into the store.  We will cap the total persons inside (including Crew) to no more than 10 at one time, and enforce a strict 6 foot minimum distance between persons that do not live together.
  8. If you or someone that lives with you is exhibiting symptoms of the 'Rona, such as shortness of breath, fever, cough, or weakness, please stay home.  We are available by Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, or by phone or text to help you. 


 Thank you, thank you for your business and your help following these guidelines.

We appreciate you!  Stay with us!