CAD StageSelect UHF In Ear Monitor Wireless System 1-Pack With Ear Buds (Q Band: 470 to 498 MHz)

by CAD Audio
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The Q band CAD StagePass In Ear Monitor System is designed for live performance applications such as public speaking and musical events. The system features 16 channels of frequency agile operation with automatic tone code squelch to eliminate unauthorized RF interference. The system's stereo capability provides flexibility in that you can send discrete signals to the left and right channel. A front panel headphone jack and volume control allows you to monitor the signal.

A pair of high performance MEB2 Monitor earbuds are included that feature MEB2 TruPitch Dual Armature Earbuds and EasyFit silicon earmolds for a customized fit.

The metal enclosure rack mountable wireless transmitter comes with rack ears, a half wave antenna, an antenna relocation kit, and a sturdy carrying case. The unit features a combination XLR/TRS input jack for flexibility and better than 10 hour transmitter battery life (using AA batteries).

Key Features

  • 16 Channel UHF Agility
  • Discrete Right/Left Transmission
  • CADLock Automatic Squelch Control
  • MEB2 TruPitch Dual Armature Earbuds

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