Casio AD-12MLA(U) Power Supply AC Adapter AD12M3

by Casio
$ 29.99

Casio AD12M AC Adapter Power Supply; Save your batteries for when you're away from home!
Extend your battery life by using this optional AC adapter while you are at home or near an electrical outlet. This updated version of the AD12 includes internal circuitry that blocks power use when the keyboard is off. These AC adapters plug you into endless hours of playing, not to mention save you a bundle on batteries. This high quality adapter is designed specifically for Casio keyboards.

The Casio AD12M works with the following models: CTK711EX, CTK811EX, CTK800, PX100, PX110, PX120, PX200, PX300, PX310, PX320, PX400R, PX500L, PX555R, PX575CS, PX800, WK500, WK1250, WK1300, WK1350, WK1600, WK1630, WK1800, WK3000, WK3200, WK3300, WK3500, WK3700, WK3800 and WK8000

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