ddrum D2 5-Piece Acoustic Drum Set with Hardware and Cymbals, Police Blue

by ddrum
Sold out
$ 429.99

Product Highlights

  • Complete drumkit package, ideal for beginners
  • Includes drums, cymbals, hardware and sticks
  • Basswood shells provide rich, warm tone

The DDrum D2 5pc drum kit in police blue is the complete package for new players looking for their first drum kit. The pack includes a five-piece drum kit, cymbals, stands, sticks and a stool to sit on, giving you everything you need to get started right out of the box. The DDrum D2 features the same tom interval as higher end DDrum models with a police blue wrapped finish and chrome hardware.

Six and eight-ply basswood shells provide a warm and focused sound with triple flanged hoops that allow the drum to resonate more openly and are less damaging to drum sticks. If you're looking to take the step to owning your first real drum kit, the DDrum D2 provides excellent value for money and everything you need to get started on your drumming journey.

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