Evans EPP-AMUP-S1-5A American Upgrade Drum Head Pack, Standard, 12-13-14-16-22

by Evans
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$ 79.99

Replace your factory heads and sticks with quality, US-made accessories.

Evans American Upgrade packs offer customers affordable ways to replace the standard factory imported, single-ply drum heads of entry-level drum kits with pro-quality, US-made drum heads. American Upgrade packs consist of Evans G2 Clear 2-ply tom heads, a G1 Coated 1-ply snare head and Evans' best-selling EMAD bass drum head.

Also included is a pair of Promark American Hickory TX5AW 5A wood-tipped drum sticks. These sticks feature a teardrop tip, slow taper and are suitable for orchestral pit work to light rock.


  • Rock sizing: 10/12/16 G2 clear, 14" G1 coated, 22" EMAD bass head
  • Standard sizing: 12/13/16 G2 clear, 14" G1 coated, 22" EMAD bass head

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