Gator Frameworks GFW-GTRSTANDLEY1 Standley Click-on Guitar Foot for Acoustic Guitars

by Gator Cases
$ 15.99

Product Highlights

  • Click-on Guitar foot for acoustic guitars
  • Unique design allows for quick and easy attachment and removal from guitars strap end-pin
  • Includes (4) adjustable rubber feet providing a stable platform to set your Guitar down anywhere
  • Designed in Denmark

Standley by Gator Frameworks. The only click-on guitar stand. This universal guitar foot gives you the freedom to stand your guitar instantly. By clicking-on standley, you can place your guitar anywhere on the floor. This functionality gives the extra freedom you want as a guitar player. Standley has four adjustable feet that stand your guitar 5 degrees from vertical. This is where your guitar is most stable. The standley easily attached to the strap end-pin on the bottom of your guitar and includes adjustable feet.

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