SPECIAL ORDER Klark Teknik 1176 KT Classic JFET Style Compressor

by Klark Teknik
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Product Highlights

  • Single Channel FET-Style Compressor
  • Modeled on Classic 1176 Units
  • For Studio or Live Use
  • Adjustable Attack and Release Times
  • 4 Selectable Ratios & All Button Mode
  • Input Knobs Affects Gain Reduction
  • Level and Gain Reduction Meters
  • MIDAS Input & Output Transformers
  • XLR & 1/4" TRS I/O
  • 2 RU Rackmount Chassis

The 1176-KT from Klark Teknik is a FET-style compressor closely modeled on the 1176LN, particularly the original D and E versions of this well-regarded signal processing unit. It features four selectable ratios, an attack knob, and a release knob; with this kind of compressor, the level of gain reduction is directly affected by how high you drive the input knob.

The unit gives you attack range of 25 to 760 microseconds, a release time range of 80 to 670 milliseconds, and selectable push button rations of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1. To answer a question surely on the mind of anyone familiar with the original 1176: Yes—this compressor offers all-button mode; you can achieve that characteristic smashing effect with this unit.

Differentiating this version from the classic 1176 are custom-engineered MIDAS input and output transformers, aiming to provide a pristine, discrete signal path. A vintage style VU meter is provided, giving you the option to monitor your gain reduction or the output. In the various output modes, you have the choice of a reading of zero corresponding to +4, +6, or +8 dBm. This model accepts both XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs.

  • Classic FET-style compressor modeled after iconic 1176LN, D and E Revisions
  • Discrete signal path
  • Class-A line-level output amplifier
  • Custom-built MIDAS input and output transformers
  • Push button selection of compression ratios: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1
  • Fast attack times: 25 to 760 microseconds
  • Adjustable release times: 80 to 670 milliseconds
  • Vintage-style meter displays both gain reduction and output
  • Transformer-balanced inputs and outputs on Neutrik XLR connectors
  • Rugged 2 RU rackmount chassis for durability in portable applications
  • Designed and engineered in the UK

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