Korg KRONOS 88 - Music Workstation with SGX-2 Engine

by Korg
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Product Highlights

  • 88 Keys with RH3 Weighted Hammer Action
  • 9 Sound Engines
  • KARMA Technology
  • SGX-2 Grand Piano Sound Engine
  • 16-Track MIDI Sequencing
  • 16-Track Audio Recording
  • 16 Effect Processors
  • Open Sampling System
  • Effects
  • Color TouchView Display with Touch-Drag


The black Kronos 88 from Korg is a music workstation with a vast palette of sounds, integrated editing, detailed 8" TouchView display, 16-track sequencer, 16-track audio recorder, and extensive sampling capabilities. The keyboard features nine distinct sound engines, with each engine dedicated to authentically reproducing its respective instrument type, including detailed pianos, vintage keyboard sounds, tone-wheel organs, ethnic instruments, plucked instruments, analog synthesizers, and more.

The sequencer can access any combination of sound engines and imported samples, and the 16-track audio recorder can be used for recording vocals, other instruments, and more. For arranging and inspiration, the instrument includes the company's KARMA technology for generating endless phrases, drum grooves, and full-blown backing tracks based on the notes and chords played. Drum Tracks generate drum patterns automatically; everything from a simple reference beat to a full-blown drum track.

The Open Sampling System can quickly sample an external audio source regardless of operating modes, and it can even resample the performance of the keyboard itself. The user sample bank allows custom samples to be loaded and played, taking advantage of the large SSD capacity. Additionally, the Kronos 73 functions as an advanced control surface, with a four-way joystick, ribbon controller, two assignable switches, and a Vector joystick. Nine sliders, eight knobs, and a number of switches provide real-time interaction with the keyboard sounds.


  • Multiple-engine, 88-key synthesizer workstation featuring RH3 Weighted Hammer Action keyboard
  • Nine sound engines, each offering a unique sound-creation technology
  • 16-part Combis allow all engines to function together with dynamic voice allocation
  • Enhanced SGX-2 Grand Piano engine adds a Berlin Grand piano to the existing German Grand and Japanese Grand
  • Comprehensive interface based around a large 8" TFT TouchView display with Touch Drag
  • Virtual Memory Technology (VMT) aided by a fast SSD (Solid State Drive) provides high polyphony and long and unlooped samples
  • Smooth Sound Transition allows held or sustained notes to keep sounding when changing sounds or modes
  • Set List allows for organizing programs, combis, and songs for a performance in a single, easy-to-select screen that includes performance notes
  • Up to sixteen effects can be used simultaneouslyTwelve insert effects, two master effects, and two total effects
  • On-board sequencer offers sixteen MIDI tracks, plus sixteen audio tracks with 24-bit, 48 kHz recording quality
  • Open Sampling System provides instant sampling and resampling from any mode, program, combination, or sequencer
  • KARMA technology generates infinitely variable, performance-driven phrases, musical effects, and backing tracks
  • Expanded Drum Track for play-along groovesUSB/MIDI host ports accommodate MIDI control surfaces


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