Kustom KPC4P Personal Powered Monitor Speaker

by Kustom
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$ 89.99

With 50W of power plus a 3.5" piezo horn and a 4.5" driver, the tilt-back Kustom KPC4P powered monitor can function as either a stand-mounted or traditionally placed floor monitor... or a mini PA. It has an XLR mic in (60dB) gain, 1/4" line in (50dB gain), and an XLR thru that can send a signal to a mixer and receive phantom power for the mic input.


  • Mic stand mountable with tilt-back design that lets it also function as a floor monitor
  • XLR mic in with 60dB gain; 1/4" line in with 50dB gain
  • XLR thru sends to mixer and receives phantom power for mic input (if using a condenser microphone)


  • 50 watts
  • 3.5" piezo horn
  • 4.5" driver
  • XLR mic input
  • ¼" line in
  • XLR thru output

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