LD Systems MAUI 5 Ultra Portable Column PA System with Mixer and Bluetooth (Black)

by LD Systems
Sold out
$ 799.99

Product Highlights

  • Vertical Array System
  • Class-D powered
  • Built-In bluetooth receiver
  • 120° horizontal coverage
  • 8" low frequency driver
  • 4 x 3" Mid/High drivers
  • Mic, line, Hi-Z & MP3 inputs
  • Short-circuit overload protection
  • Super easy set up

The black MAUI 5 from LD Systems is a Class-D powered vertical array system delivering 800W of peak power with plug-and-play convenience. Featuring an integrated 4-channel mixer in the subwoofer base and a 3-piece column system, it can be used as an all-in-one solution for solo performers, small groups, mobile DJs corporate meetings, and more.

The vented 8" subwoofer also houses the system's Class-D amplification with overcurrent, short circuit, and thermal protection. Furthermore, the mixer unit has Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming and is built with a microphone, line level and hi-Z inputs, which can be used simultaneously. Connecting to a variety of sources, the PA system easily hooks up to music players and instruments such as keyboards or guitars.

Finally, the MAUI 5 Ultra-Portable PA system has individual level controls for subwoofer and master volumes, and it has high-shelf filtering for room correction enabling a perfectly balanced performance. It assembles in seconds with custom multi-pin connectors and will fit onto any car seat.

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