MXL 440 Studio Condenser Microphone (Black with Gold Print)

by MXL
$ 79.99

The black with gold print 440 Studio Condenser Microphone from MXL features a gold sputtered large diaphragm, suitable for a wide variety of applications. The FET preamp combined with an electrically-balanced output provides uncompromised tonal quality. Internal Mogami wiring offers a high-grade signal path to prevent audio degradation. The microphone uses 48V of phantom power and includes a mic stand adapter.

  • Suitable for vocals and a wide range of instruments
  • Gold-sputtered diaphragm provides clean, clear audio
  • FET preamp with an electrically-balanced output
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Internal Mogami wiring
  • Uses 48V of phantom power
  • Includes a mic stand adapter

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