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On-Stage Stands MS7201W Round Base Mic Stand, White

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Original price $ 31.99
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Current price $ 39.99

Give your arms a rest (and your crowd the performance of their lives) with this ultra-stable round-base microphone stand from On-Stage, the MC7201.Are you tired of balancing your microphone on a chair, table, bookshelf, filing cabinet, overturned trash can, stack of shoeboxes or some other non-microphone stand to achieve proper placement? Seriously, why not just get a microphone stand, already? Are you making some sort of political statement? Is it against your religion? Do you balk at all things telescopic? There's just no excuse: if you have recently or at any time in the past acquired a microphone -- any microphone -- your next step is to buy an On-Stage MC7201 round base microphone stand from zZounds today.

Benefits to Owning an On-Stage MC7201:- Suspend your microphone anywhere from 34 to 60 inches off the ground, seemingly as if by magic.
- No more lying down on stage during performances.
- Metal construction is far more durable than plastic, wood, straw, or imaginary stands.
- Give your hand a break, or leave it free for clapping or tambourine-shaking.
- Utilitarian design makes a great stage prop (look, I'm a marching band leader/taking your old-timey photograph/a crazy person with a stick!) or personal defense accessory.
- You know that sweet lead-singer move where you throw your mic stand over but then you catch the round base with your foot just before it falls completely over and you bring it back up to standing and it looks like you have The Force? You can do that with this mic stand!
- Detach the round base from the stand and you have a discus and a javelin. U.S.A! U.S.A!