USED Que Audio Q Shotgun DSLR-Video Microphone Kit Lite

by Generic
$ 95.00

The Q DSLR-Video Microphone Kit Lite from Que Audio includes the Q Mini Shotgun Microphone plus the essential components for on-camera mic applications. Optimized for travel and affordability, this comprehensive bundle also includes the QSM1 Shock Mount, QM1 Run and Gun Cold Shoe Adapter, QCBL6 30.0 cm Curly Cable (Q compact thread (m) to Q compact thread (m)), DAAD TRL Q compact thread (f) to TRS 3.5mm adapter (m), QWJ3 Windscreen, two 1.5V batteries, and a Zip Pouch. This kit was designed specifically for use with HD camcorders and DSLR cameras wherever and whenever a compact, lightweight, on-board run-and-gun shotgun mic is required. The Mini Shotgun hones in on sound straight ahead for high-quality, focused audio capture. While it is extremely small and unobtrusive, with a profile resembling a pencil, it possesses on / off axis rejection properties comparable to those of standard wide body shotgun microphones. It accomplishes this via a hypercardioid polar pattern. It's also got high SPL capabilities. Self-powered by the included batteries, the Mini Shotgun can also be phantom powered for balance and low impedance via the optional QAD3 XLR adapter (not included). You may also choose to make use of optional (not included) adapters enabling +48V, wireless and other connections. Additional optional accessories that may enhance your use of this kit include: QWJ1 Wombat Fluffy Windmuff, QMB1 Mini Boom Pole, SM4 Shock Absorber, and QM2 High Quality Shoe Mount with adjustable ball head.

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