Snark N-5 Compact Clip-on Tuner w/ Pick Holder

by Snark
Sold out
$ 14.99

Product Highlights

  • Tunes any guitar or bass
  • Green screen "In Tune" indicator
  • Small size
  • Stay put clamp
  • Detachable pick holder included

The Napoleon N-5 tuner from Snark features Superior Snark tuning software and an LCD screen with easy to see green screen 'in tune' indicator providing spot-on accuracy for tuning guitar and bass.  The padded instrument clamp holds tight and keeps the tuner in place.  A ball joint allows the body to rotate 360 degrees so the display can be positioned to just the right spot.  Tuning chromatically, by picking up instrument vibrations, The N-5 works great for both standard and non-standard tunings.

The included pick holder snaps atop the tuner. 3 picks can be loaded into the grooves, ready to grab!  Within the packaging find the pocket-size Superstar Chord Book full of the chords from the best players on earth.

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