SPECIAL ORDER pBone Plastic Trombone, Blue

by Dirt Cheep
$ 179.99

Product Highlights

  • Standard .500 bore trombone, pitched in Bb & lightweight – less than 2 pounds!
  • Easy to hold and play thanks to a custom designed ergonomic grip, with pBone's own unique water key design
  • Glass-fibre lockable slide makes for a smooth rhythmical action - the glass fibre construction is also a lot more robust than a standard trombone slide so you're less likely to damage it!
  • Includes matching pBone 6.5AL and 11C small shank mouthpieces and carry case (any standard small shank mouthpiece will fit the pBone)
  • 6 month free membership with the International Trombone Association and free online lessons for all pBone owners!

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