Stagg BX-PHASER BLAXX Series Phaser Pedal for Guitar and Bass

by Stagg
$ 49.99

The Stagg BX-PHASER pedal is a great solution to add that classic rock phaser tone of your guitar or bass to match the presence or style you want.  Also great for clicking in when it's time for the chorus and you need to jump out a bit.  Sturdy metal housing, great price!

Stagg's wide range of guitars encompasses many different models, from acoustic to electric via electro-acoustic. Whether classical or rock, jazz or folk... there is a Stagg guitar for every occasion and for every budget.

At A Glance

  • Die-cast metal housing
  • Heavy duty on/off footswitch
  • Controls for speed
  • 9V DC power supply required (not included)
  • Phaser mode switch to vintage and modern

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