CLEARANCE Strauss Violin / Viola Super Saver Cleaning and Care Kit

by Strauss Musical Instruments
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$ 14.99
$ 7.49

It is widely advised by teachers, professionals and repairmen to clean your instrument after every practice and concert. Cleaning an instrument not only helps to keep it looking nice but it will also keep it sounding and playing it's best. Thorough cleaning will reduce the yearly cost of repairs and will help retain an instruments value for when it's time to trade in for a step-up instrument!


  • Shoulder Rest - to make playing more comfortable and promote correct posture
  • Rosin - to maintain your bow hair
  • Polishing Cloth - to keep your finish nice and clean
  • Fingering Markers - to make learning faster and easier
  • Magic Touch Wood Polish - to give your instrument a nice shine
  • Cleaing & Case Pamphlet

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