Studiomaster C2S-2 Compact 6-Channel USB Mixer

by Studiomaster
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The Studiomaster C2 series are an ultra-compact, high-quality mixer series, offering comprehensive features normally found on larger consoles in an attractive compact molded case. The C2S-2 model features 6 inputs, 2 mic channels, 2 stereo channels, 2-band EQ, and 2-channel USB I/O.

All units feature 2-band EQ on all channels, auxiliary for external effects processors, pan/balance control, and input gain and level controls. The output section is equally comprehensive with stereo outputs, playback/record on both RCA and USB, bar graph metering and headphone output.

Perfect for many applications, including home recording, live mixing, location mixing, monitoring, commercial/corporate uses and many other applications where an ultra-compact mixing console is required.


  • 6 inputs
  • 2 mic channels
  • 2 stereo channels
  • 2-band EQ
  • 2-channel USB record/playback

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