Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic, Smoke Black Satin

by Tanglewood
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A sonic echo of days gone by. With sound, playability, and style that belies the price tag. The Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic is constructed entirely with mahogany. Bringing you a classic tone with an instantly recognisable sonic nature. And stage-worthy style with responsive electronics to ensure you can unleash your persona when the moment calls for it.

Need stage-ready quality? On a budget? Stop right here. The TWBBOE Blackbird delivers sparkle, warmth, and resonance in abundance. Responsive to a multitude of both picking and strumming techniques, this Folk Electro Acoustic is perfect for taking all kinds of musical paths. From blues and slide to folk, pop, and much, much more. Plus, comfort and sleek playability certainly reign here. Experience the feel of a compact body, and encouragingly smooth playability. Comfort you can depend on, and style that'll stand out from the rest. From the people who put musicians first.

Key Features

  • Create spine-chilling bluesy riffs and deliver authentic warmth with an all-mahogany body
  • Satin finish and orchestra body bring the ultimate balance between playability and comfort
  • Responsive Tanglewood electronics for a natural live sound that'll stun your crowd
  • Play with confidence and head-turning style courtesy of a Smokestack Black finish
Sonic warmth that defined an era

Rich, resonant, distinctive. The Tanglewood Blackbird delivers an indulgent dark warmth. And its all-mahogany construction gives it an instantly recognisable tone that's been an influential part of music history. Mahogany delivers warmth and resonance in abundance, bringing you a tone you've all heard before on your favourite old-school records. And it oozes authentic class.

Made entirely with mahogany, the TWBBOE delivers a punchy, earthy tone with rumbles of sonic richness. Known globally as an icon in itself, mahogany has been the sonic foundation of many famous artists. And it excels throughout blues, roots music, and slide. Explore a familiar tone with a dominant mid-range and emphasised bass. From first glance, you know the Blackbird holds the class of days gone by. And sonically, the Blackbird Folk delivers one unforgettable tone with a vintage edge. Ready to unleash?

Smooth feel, responsive nature

The Blackbird takes on a curvaceous, comfortable orchestra body. It's compact, but kicks out a delicious sonic impact. And it's perfect for a multitude of musical scenarios. Bringing you fantastic projection, volume, and definition. This is a mid-sized body that makes honing your skill and practicing new techniques a breeze.

A classic hourglass. The Tanglewood TWBBOE is shallower and narrower than a dreadnought, but beefier than a dinky parlour. Perfect for holding close to your body, and popping on your lap, the Blackbird offers the ultimate balance between playability and comfort. The orchestra shape has also been seen in the hands of the legendary Eric Clapton, and as you know, it doesn't shy away from heavier strumming and more alternative techniques. A responsive, punchy sonic nature with sparkling highs and a renowned Tanglewood feel.

Take to the stage

Regular weekend slot? Honing in on your persona? Tanglewood know that you desire a natural sound for any live situation. A quality sound both acoustically, and when plugged in. So, to ensure your next performance is pure, pristine, and organic. Tanglewood created Premium Plus electronics, bringing you the quality you deserve for a multitude of live scenarios. And, you can tweak your tone to personal preference too. Ensuring that each time you step out into the limelight, you can make the most of your performance, and make your mark with an individual tone.

  • Product: Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic, Smoke Black Satin
  • Code: TWBBOE
  • Series: Blackbird
Body & Bridge
  • Top Material: Hand Selected Mahogany
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Body Type: Orchestra
  • Bridge Material: Techwood
  • Body Finish: Satin
  • Colour: Smokestack Black

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