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USED Behringer BX3000T Ultrabass 300W Bass Amp Head

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This USED Behringer BX3000T Ultrabass 300W Bass Amp Head is definitely in used condition and shows significant signs of wear on the outside. However, we assure you that it has been thoroughly tested and is fully functional.

Experience unparalleled low-end power with the BX3000T, which features our exclusive DYNAMIZER technology, including a switchable ULTRABASS sub-harmonics processor and a revolutionary SHAPE filter for an extraordinary sound range. In today's music industry, versatility is key, and modern bass players need to be able to offer a diverse range of sounds and perform in various applications with short notice, whether it be home recording, studio sessions or live performances.

That's why this amp offers a comprehensive set of user-friendly functions that can be easily and intuitively operated. With an extremely musical 5-band EQ featuring "Bright" and "Deep" functions, you can achieve the ultimate tone-shaping. The integrated limiter and active, temperature-controlled cooling system provide the ultimate protection for your equipment. The vintage-style VU meter allows for precise signal level control, but the dual footswitch for ULTRABASS and SHAPE functions is not included. The amp also boasts 3 speaker outputs on ¼" jack and touch-proof connectors compatible with Neutrik® Speakon®.

With the BX3000T, you can achieve a professional sound that will rock the stage. Don't settle for less - get your hands on this incredible amplifier today and take your bass playing to the next level!