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You’ve got to love the octaver. One stomp and you can take your tone on a lowwwwww-end cruise. And what’s cool about the Boss OC-3 (one of the most popular octavers on the face of the planet and maybe even on the arm of the planet, we’re not sure what that is but we’re just saying)… well it has a sweet polyphonic octave mode. Turn the upper right dial to “Poly” and start hearing your chords in crazy subterranean glory. As you can guess, that makes the Boss OC-3 a serious creative tool too. Cool. Cool tool. Get one, fool. (Wow, help us.)


  • World’s first compact pedal with true polyphonic octave effects
  • Separate inputs for both guitar and bass
  • Drive mode adds distortion to octave notes for a fatter, more aggressive tone Includes the original OC-2 mode, capable of producing notes one and 2 octaves down
  • Poly Octave effect adjustable to play within a specific note range

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