USED Denon DN-C550R CDRW Player

by Denon DJ
$ 225.00

The DN-C550R is a professional dual drive CD-R and CD-RW recorder. It features both a CD playback drive and a CD-R/CD-RW record and playback drive, housed in a single unit. The CD playback drive has a built-in HDCD decoder, which provides improved fidelity of HDCD-encoded CDs. A sampling rate converter allows the digital input and recording of material that has a sample rate of 32 or 48kHz.

Serial Copy Management System (SCMS) can be defeated on the digital input and the record drive can utilize both CD-R/RW music and data discs. The DN-C550R offers various copying modes. An entire disc can be dubbed and finalized automatically, or programmed tracks can be recorded and finalization is manual. Additionally one-track dubbing or tracks selected using Intro Scan can be recorded. Finalization is manual in both the latter cases. Selectable synchro recording modes are also available. Dubbing speed can be normal or 2x speed.

An equal number of playback options are also available. Dual playback allows both drives to play simultaneously out of discreet outputs, while Mix Program Play provides programmed playback from one or both drives. Playback can be set to Random Mode, again from one or both drives while Relay Play allows for automatic continuous playback from the CD drive to the CD-R/RW drive.

The DN-C550R comes with a comprehensive set of connectors, including both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA phono inputs to the CD-R/RW drive along with S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs. The unit allows for the input of a disc title and titles for each track onto the CD-R or CD-RW disc and can display text information on the display when playing CD Text discs which contain text information in English.

Dual drives allow for the playback and recording of CDs onto CD-R/CD-RW discs in a single unitMultiple playback options using both drivesDouble-speed CD recordingDigital/Analog recording level ddjustment with the jog dial from -∞ to +12dB in analog and digital recordingsMake CD Dubbing ModeAutomatically finalizes a recording (compiles track information on the CD-R disc)Disc Dubbing mode allows the recording of all information such as text from HDCD or CD Text discsText input and display with a dot matrix display for easy reading of text24-bit D/A converter on the CD drive sectionSampling rate converterFade-In/Fade-Out recording function

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