USED Digitech Studio 400 Multi FX Processor

by Digitech
$ 196.00

Check out this blast from the past! a mid 90s Digitech Studio 400 multi effects processor with 4 in and  out for tons of routing options an multiple effects going at once.

The unit is fully tested and 100% functional. 

Well-suited for guitar, but great for any electronic instrument or vocals.

There are two S-DISC (Static-Dynamic Instruction Set Computer) DSP processors. The manual lists 57 varieties of FX modules which each have a unique set of parameters. Each module falls into one of three categories, depending on their complexity. There are Full, Half and Quarter which use those respective amounts of an S-DISC Processor. There are then 23 configurations which route the two processors in different combinations. Pressing FX Edit repeatedly takes you to each module in turn, plus Input and Output Modes sections (where you can choose from such options as four mono inputs and outputs or two separate ins feeding effects which return on the same stereo output etc.) and a section called Modifiers which allow control by Midi Controllers, LFO or signal amplitude. Within each of these FX Edit sections are up to 10 pages, stepped through using the Next and Previous Page buttons, each page containing up to four parameters. These are selected using the buttons marked 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The 57 FX types are very usable and contain parameters you would expect plus a few extra things to play with. For example, in addition to seven basic delay program types there are a couple of analogue delays which behave just like old-fashioned units where you hear the pitch change as you adjust delay time. These have a parameter called smear which diffuses the delay repeats. Reverbs are excellent, smooth and expensive-sounding. There are also Chorus, Flange, Phaser, Rotary Speaker, Harmoniser, EQ, Dynamics and other variations of FX types. One useful feature is the selection of named starting points for each FX type, which are available as a parameter in FX edit.

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