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USED Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Pro Channel Strip

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Used But in excellent condition!

The VoiceMaster Pro is designed to create the perfect vocal sound at an unbelievably competitive price point. The unit bridges the gap between the flagship ISA 430 'Producer Pack' and the original VoiceMaster, featuring design aspects from both the legendary ISA range and the award winning, cost-effective Platinum range.

Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro at a Glance:

  • Famous Focusrite Class A preamp plus an instrument input
  • Latency-free stereo monitoring
  • "Vintage Harmonics" processor emulates 1970s tape-based units
  • Tuneable "Tube Sound" circuit and voice-optimized EQ
  • Custom VU meter and optional A/D card

Famous Focusrite Class A preamp plus an instrument input
The renowned Focusrite Class A mic preamp from the original VoiceMaster is retained in the VoiceMaster Pro, but an instrument input has been added to the front, along with phantom power, phase reverse and variable high-pass filter. A new vocal-friendly optical expander follows, so the VoiceMaster Pro provides smoother and more linear processing.

Latency-free stereo monitoring
Perhaps the most innovative of VoiceMaster Pro's exciting new features is a latency-free stereo monitoring section, providing comprehensive headphone monitoring of both the full mix and the vocal (alongside an FX send and return control). The VoiceMaster Por puts an end to DAW latency problems when tracking!

"Vintage Harmonics" processor emulates 1970s tape-based units
Another revolutionary element of the VoiceMaster Pro is the "Vintage Harmonics" processor, designed to emulate classic '70s tape-based vocal enhancement processes. The compressor is an updated version of the Platinum series optical device. As with the ISA 430, VoiceMaster Pro allows the user to change the position of both processing blocks within the signal-chain. (Both the compressor and the Vintage Harmonics sections can be moved around.)

Tuneable "Tube Sound" circuit and voice-optimized EQ
The VoiceMaster Pro also features a new tuneable Tube Sound circuit, providing greater control and clearer indication via an extra tone control knob and tri-color "Drive" LED. The voice-optimized EQ follows, featuring improved breath and absence controls, enabling elegant handling of the varying aspects of male and female vocalists. The ISA 430's de-esser completes the VoiceMaster Pro's processing set.

The Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro is also the first Platinum series unit to feature a custom blue Focusrite VU meter. An optional A/D card is available, operating at 24 bit/96kHz with S/PDIF output and BNC word clock input, providing hassle-free digital connectivity.

Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro Features:

  • Stereo latency-free monitoring section
  • Vintage Harmonics - a revolutionary vocal enhancer
  • Optional 24-bit/96kHz A/D converter
  • Custom Focusrite VU meter
  • Compressor/EQ/Harmonics order can be changed
  • More versatile voice-optimized EQ
  • Improved Tube Sound emulation with tone control
  • Smoother optical compressor
  • New voice-optimized optical expander