USED Galaxy Audio CORE PA5X140 COMPACT PA Powered Monitor, Single

by Galaxy Audio
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Clean and tested.  Shown as two in stock, sold individually.

As either a standalone powered personal vocal monitor or the main unit for a multiple monitor system, nothing can match the compact and powerful Galaxy Hot Spot PA5X140. The on-board power amp of the PA5X140 produces an unbelievable 140 watts RMS (4 ohms), enough to power its internal speaker and up to 2 additional Galaxy Hot Spot VC Personal Monitors (or any other 8-ohm speaker). Its 114 dB maximum sound pressure level is louder than most systems many times its size and with a frequency response of 200Hz to 18kHz (sensitivity 98 dB (1 watt/1 meter), the PA5X140 delivers unsurpassed intelligibility, superior gain before feedback, and can cut through the most extreme stage volume levels. The PA5X140 features both 1/4 in. and XLR inputs (24-volt phantom power), a 3-band equalizer, and Galaxy's custom designed ferro fluid cooled 5 in. driver with a very beefy 40-ounce magnet structure. The PA5X140's very tough ABS molded cabinet features a rugged black cast aluminum faceplate/grille for added protection and the tilt-back design of the PA5X140 allows for either floor or mic stand placement in close proximity to the performer (the closer to the performer the lower the stage volume needed and the less likely it is to cause feedback or interfere with the house mix).

All Hot Spots, both powered and unpowered, have a built-in microphone stand mount; just slide the microphone stand into the receptacle on the bottom of the Hot Spot. Some microphone stands may require an adaptor (SA-1 microphone stand adaptor sold separately).

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