USED Gemeinhardt 4SP Piccolo Flute

by Gemeinhardt
$ 195.00

Inspected and adjusted, this piccolo is ready to play and $800 less than a new one!  We have priced it aggressively because there is some minor pitting in the silver plating, and the interior of the case has some moderate wear.  It appears this instrument may have been used for marching band and did its job well!

The Gemeinhardt 4SP piccolo is all silver-plated and features a conical bore design. A classic choice for marching or concert ensembles, the 4SP offers a bright sound with crisp articulation. The metal piccolo design has the attributes of a silver-plated instrument to ensure durability and ease of care and maintenance as well as incredible projection. All Gemeinhardt 4SP piccolos are made by Gemeinhardt in Elkhart, Indiana.

  • Headjoint Style: Traditional with Lip Plate
  • Headjoint Finish:  Silver-Plated
  • Body Finish:  Silver-Plated
  • Key Finish:  Silver-Plated
  • Skill Level:  Student
  • Case Type:  Hard-shell Plastic

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