USED Greer Amps Little Samson Overdrive Pedal

by Greer Amplification
Sold out
$ 186.00

Sporting only three controls, the Little Samson may appear to be a pedal with only a few tones available, but that is hardly the case. Starting off with the Volume knob, there’s pretty much NEVER going to be a situation where this pedal won’t be able to output enough signal for you to chop through any mix or eardrum with ease. Crank this knob up and ease back a little on your guitar’s volume for excellent control of your overall levels, and for that easy-to-find extra boost of volume when you need it most!

The Tone knob keeps the high end in check, but somehow also keeps the low end present and tight, and even the mids make their way into the mix, perfectly balanced to round out the tone. The Gain is about six pedals in one here as well, with a HUGE range and sweep to cover any drive or distortion territory you might need. Chunky, crunchy, ballsy gain stages power your sound through and through, all the while remaining nice and full, with hints of some classic amp sounds, and some newly discovered tones that are destined to be classified the same.

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