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USED J. Marcinkiewicz Silver Trumpet Mouthpiece, USA Size 13-S

Original price $ 56.00 - Original price $ 56.00
Original price $ 56.00
$ 56.00
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Current price $ 56.00

Incredibly clean, near-mint condition!

The Marcinkiewicz Standard Series trumpet mouthpieces are arranged in ascending order from deep to shallow cup depths, with the #0 being the deepest, and the #15 being the shallowest. This arrangement allows players to select mouthpieces by precise increments of depth to find the correct cup depth and volume required for their individual playing needs.

All Standard Series mouthpieces are offered with their "S" backbore, which this mouthpiece has. The "S" backbore is combined with a No. 26 throat to give a broader darker tone.