USED JBL Eon 15 G2 Powered Speaker

by JBL
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$ 246.00

Used but fully functional and sounds great!

The JBL EON15 G2 boasts far more power than its predecessor with 300 watts of power dedicated to the low-end and 100 watts going to the high frequencies. The EON15 G2 performs powerfully and effeciently thanks to JBL's exclusive Thermomaster technology. This unique design uses a single cast aluminum baffle to draw heat away from heat producing elements. The heat then dissipates out of the finned ports thanks to the forced air created by the woofer.

Perfomance and flexibility are increased due to the reduced weight transducer (Differential Drive), and users will appreciate basic mixing and being able to "Daisey-chain" additional speakers together or send the balanced mix out to the control console.

Powerful, portable and flexible, the EON15 G2 offers high-quality sound in an accomodating design, making this speaker a practical choice for many applications including front of house and on-stage monitoring. 

400 Total watts of power15 in. Differential Drive low frequency driver with neodymium magnet for light weight and reduced distortion1 in. JBL compression driver with titanium diapraghm and ferro-fluid coolingThree inputs: One Balanced XLR and one dual-channel balanced 1/4 in. TRS phone line-level inputsBalanced loop/mix output for chaining other EON speakers together or for sending signal to a mixing consoleInternal cooling accomplished without internal or external fans. Because of the unique single-piece baffle design, air movement in the finned ports dissipates heat on its ownRugged, lightweight enclosureBuilt-in pole mount receptacle

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