USED Joyo JF-10 Dyna Compressor Effects Pedal

by Joyo
Sold out
$ 26.00

For sale we have a USED Joyo JF-10 Dyna Compressor Effects Pedal in great shape over all but is missing the batter hatch cover.

The Joyo Dyna Compressor JF-10 is a re-creation of the early classic 80s Boss compressor, with very low noise.  A relatively mild compressor effect, this is not a "clicky" type compressor pedal. Use the Sustain, Attack, and Level knobs to find your ideal tone. Attack can be raised for more definitive picking effect or lowered for a rounded guitar sound.

You're not going to find a better compressor for the price.

  • Classic Boss Analog Compressor Sound
  • True Bypass
  • Sustain, Level, Attack Controls
  • Rugged Aluminum alloy casing
  • Uses a 9V Battery or 9V AC Adapter

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