USED Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter & Auto Wah Pedal

by Keeley
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The Neutrino, from Keeley Electronics, is an emphatically dynamic envelope filter and auto-wah pedal. Its overall envelope filter sound is triggered by the player’s attack, meaning harder picking effectively equates to harder wahs! When playing individual notes, players can make their passages even more expressive by playing some softer and others harder. Chord stabs and vowel sounds are easily achieved when this style is implemented strategically.

With the Neutrino, Keeley has reappropriated the classic Optocoupler design to achieve a device capable of lathering its emissions in a characteristic warmth that was previously only available from obsolete vintage equipment. Perhaps best of all, the pedal is by no means constrained solely to guitar. In fact, it works amicably with bass guitars, keyboards, and even synthesizers!


  • Optocoupler Based Envelop Filter & Auto Wah Pedal
  • Input Gain Control to accommodate a variety of different situations
  • Peak Control for how “Sharp” or “Warm” the effect is
  • Filter Selector for 3 different filter types
  • Range Switch for frequency emphasis (HI or LO)
  • Side Mounted Direction Switch to control the direction the WAH sound goes
  • Designed for use with Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Keyboards
  • Keeley Quality Engineering
  • Hand Built, Made in USA

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