USED Kurzweil 1200PRO midi Module

by Kurzwiel
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$ 200.00
$ 145.00

Kurzweil 1200 Pro For Sale. This 2 space rack unit is a multitimbral sound module loaded with great sampled sounds. Kurzweil always excelled at sample playback technology and this piece of equipment is another indication of this. This was a much more affordable solution to buying the K250 which apparently offered some of the same sounds. If you like the K250 sounds or the K1000 sounds, you should be very happy with these as well. If you want some good sounds, these even sound good by todays standards. This is apparently the upgraded version of the Kurzweil PX Plus which contained all the sounds of the expanded K1000, the K1000SE/EXT and more. The sounds in this unit sound much better than those in the Emu Proteus, one of its contemporaries.

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