USED (Single) Ludwig LAP3S8 Scissor Lift cymbal holder

by Ludwig
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$ 46.00

Leave it to Ludwig to bring modern engineering to the world of drum hardware. The Ludwig LAP3S8 Scissor Lift cymbal holder bends and twists cymbals into the perfect playing position. The LAP3S8 is great for stacking — its integrated clamp fits standard 12.7mm rods and arms, saving you a stand while still offering uncompromising playability. Ludwig's Aerodyne tilters on both the boom and cymbal joints lock in any playing angle you desire. If you want to save a stand and simplify your setup next time you play out, Sweetwater drummers recommend popping the Ludwig LAP3S8 Scissor Lift on your kit.

Ludwig LAP3S8 Scissor Lift Features:

  • Makes short work of stacking cymbals
  • Dual 8" booms bend and twist cymbals into the perfect position
  • Aerodyne tilters offer unlimited angling
  • Integrated clamp fits standard 12.7mm tom and cymbal arms

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